About Dahlia

Dahlia at Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Dahlia at Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

I am a singer, a sacred songwriter, and a meditation counselor with over thirty five years experience working with individuals and groups to facilitate healing and greater awareness through meditation, self-acceptance and creative expression.

There are many ways and wonders of meditation.

A long-time practitioner of Yoga and Qigong, I use the many forms of meditation—singing and silence, movement and stillness—to explore and to experience the essential Oneness that underlies all existence.

I feel that my offering of Sacred Song is the culmination of a lifetime of creative expression.

Music has always permeated and inspired my life, my spiritual practice and my healing art. I love to sing with others, to play my guitar or ukelele and to find the melodies and harmonies that emerge from that creative collaboration. I am a certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace and co-lead monthly Dances in New Paltz and Hudson, NY; I also facilitate special dance events at other locations throughout the USA. I host a seasonal AUM chant/meditation.

I believe in the enormous healing power of the mind.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from SUNY-Empire State College in Interdisciplinary studies with focus on Evolution of the Mind. I am trained in Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch and I have extensive experience in Alternative Psychology and in Deep-Feeling Work.

I currently do private meditation counseling sessions in person and over the phone.

♥ Little Love Notes ♥

Dahlia has absolute competence as a loving guide into not only the familiar dark places, but into new and unknown territory. Together we explore the edges of what’s possible. In this great big world, Dahlia’s one of the people I have the deepest respect for. This world is a better, and bit brighter, place for her being in it.
— S.C.
Dahlia’s talent for intuition, for “seeing me” from a distance and for being right there with me is a wonderful and unique experience that I have not had in any other counseling situation. I am grateful for the opportunity to have such sessions with her.
— M.
I first contacted Dahlia for help in determining why I had physical pain that doctors told me had no determinable cause. In the course of working with her, I have gotten so much more than an understanding of my pain and its sources. I have opened up to my potential as a creative person and have recaptured the sensitive nature that I had buried years ago. Dahlia’s counsel, her wisdom, and her patience, are gifts to anyone who comes under her loving care.
— S.G.
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