AUM Chant


Aum Chant/meditation

Please join me for this community circle sound healing meditation to honor the cycle of changing seasons.

The word AUM is considered to be the sacred syllable of creation- the symbol of the divine in all. Chanting AUM, the vibration permeates every cell of your body. A profoundly simple and powerful healing radiates through you, from you and out into the world.

This ultimate ultrasound will clear your mind, relax your body, open your heart and connect you to the mystery and wonder of the universe.

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Read my blog post on why I love chanting OM.


We'll invoke the single Sanskrit syllable of AUM for 50 minutes blending our hearts, minds and voices with our intention to foster peace, love, harmony and beauty within ourselves, with each other and in the world. We'll follow the chanting with a short silent meditation to absorb the vibrations we've created and then join our voices again for some simple sacred song.
All are welcome; no experience in meditation or chanting is necessary.

Seasonal Sundays: 10:30 am-12 noon
16 Sep, 16 Dec, 2018; 24 Mar, 23 Jun, 2019     
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Mt Laurel Waldorf School
16 S Chestnut St, New Paltz NY 12561

$10 donation to benefit The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and Mt Laurel Waldorf School


Creating Sacred Ceremony

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Sacred Song and Sound Healing with Susurrus

Original Songs

Ancient Chants

Meditation, Poetry, Prayer

Followed by a deep-immersion Celestial Sound Healing and Shakti Transmission of Light and Love with Ama’zji

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Susurrus is Dahlia with Ama'zjhi Dona Ho and Molly McCarthy Tweedy

I love this creative collaboration with Molly and Ama’zjhi Dona. Susurrus, the name we have given ourselves, means a hum, rustle or whisper. We think of our music together as whisperings of the heart, the hum of the divine coming through us.

When we make music it is playful, deep and easy.  We sing and explore—finding melodies, harmonies, rhythm and rhyme to share; weaving our voices, our caring and our wisdom.

Ama’zjhi is a powerful conduit of the feminine Divine. She channels her transmissions of embodied love with integrity and attentiveness. Her voice cries out for all of us to Come, to Be, to Love.

Molly puts her wild passion and playful joy into poetry and song that expresses our mutual longing for meaning and conscious action. Her haunting voice calls to the soulful core of our shared heart.

I find the harmonies that connect us and I hold the core that gives our music wings. These women inspire my creative desire to compose sacred song that draws us all more deeply into spiritual wonder and into communion with the Beloved One.

We are each of us, all of us, divine channels of love, light and blessing— together we create the chalice that holds the sacred space for our ceremony.

We invite you to bring your unique voice and presence to this welcoming and empowering collaboration of Love, Grace and Song. 

The next Sacred Song and Sound Healing is Saturday March 16, 2019; 7:30-9pm at The Living Seed in New Paltz, NY 

$15 admission; pre-registration is recommended as space is limited; 


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Together, let's craft an unforgettable ceremony for your union. 

Why not have your wedding ceremony be as individual as you are? I am an Inter-faith Minister, NY state certified to perform marriages. I absolutely love working with couples (is it really work?) to craft a beautiful and personally meaningful ceremony for your wedding.

We'll include relevant pieces of your story and background; bring in family, friends, and other loved ones as you wish; find poetry and song to weave with words and silence; incorporate traditional rituals or create new ones just for you.

The only—must—is when you both agree to the union, I must say, in some fashion, "I pronounce you Married". Everything else is up to you! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. 

The first consultation is free!

Blessing Way


Welcome a new life into the world, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or honor any kind of life-transition using Sacred Song and/or Dances of Universal Peace.

Ritual is used to mark occasions, to celebrate, to honor. Ceremony helps us as humans mark and process change, which can be vastly important to our psyche. When a baby is born, is not a mother born as well?

I will help you pick from countless beautiful mantras, sutras and saluds—of different traditions and languages—to create a program that perfectly expresses the sentiment of your special occasion.  

I am highly experienced and deeply encouraging in leading group participation, even with people who claim that they don't know how to sing or dance.

Singing and Dancing together is an ancient form of community ritual. It promotes a sense of collective bonding and shared beauty. Call me to talk about your ideas. 845.863.4061