AUM Chant



Please join me for this community circle sound healing meditation to celebrate the changing seasons.

The word AUM is considered to be the sacred syllable of creation- the symbol of the divine in all. Chanting AUM, the vibration permeates every cell of your body.

A profoundly simple and powerful healing radiates through you, from you and out into the world.

This ultimate ultrasound can clear your mind, relax your body, open your heart and connect you to the mystery and wonder of the universe.

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Meditation Chant

We'll invoke the single Sanskrit syllable of AUM for 50 minutes blending our hearts, minds, voices with our intention to foster peace, love, harmony and beauty within ourselves, with each other and in the world. We'll follow the chanting with a short silent meditation to absorb the vibrations we've created and then join our voices again for some simple sacred song.
All are welcome; no experience in meditation or chanting is necessary.

Seasonal Sundays:    June 24,

Mt Laurel Waldorf School
16 S Chestnut St, New Paltz NY 12561

$10 donation to benefit The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and Mt Laurel Waldorf School


Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Dahlia, Molly, and Donna



Cacao Chant Ceremony ... experience the profound shifts that can take place when you show up. Receive the divine light and shakti love Empowerment’s which are delivered through our being as a High Priestess, Celestial Shaman.

We have moved through many initiations over 30 years and we love to share sacred ceremony ! We have been singing with Molly and Dahlia for almost 10 years and the sweet bliss that we experience when we come together is palpable. We honor these two women for the JOY and Loving presence they arrive with !!please join us for this transpersonal expanding ceremony of spirit.

Cacao Elixir

The Cacao Elixir we make opens the heart center and gently supports each one who chooses to drink it ♥️. The songs we chant together raise the vibratory field of your being and sets the stage to receive the Violet Alchemy Empowerments.

This is a ceremony of claiming the divinity within and saying YES to the holy blessings of Divine Light Love and Power

See Events page for schedule!


Music and Voice Recordings

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1.  Introduction - 7:14
2.  Relaxing Deeply- 33:01
3.  Just Rest- 5:16
4.  Breathing Calm- 15:48

Total Time: 61:27


Guided Meditation with Dahlia Bartz Cabe
Volume One:   Relaxing Deeply, Breathing Calm

Dahlia has spent more than twenty years teaching others to listen to the inner stillness. This CD is her way of offering what she knows and practices— loving awareness and acceptance through conscious breathing and being.

Accompanied by the soothing sound of a mountain stream, she gently reminds us that we are all deeply connected to each other, to the earth, and to the Source of all life.

Each track is designed as a meditation of its own to give the listener several possibilities depending on time and need.

These meditations are beneficial for:

  • reducing chronic pain

  • relieving the symptoms of PTSD

  • overcoming fear

  • alleviating stress

  • meeting the challenges of daily life


Future Releases:  

Volume 2:  Releasing and Receiving, Breathing Love

Volume 3:  Cultivating Contentment, Breathing Peace

Workshops and Classes



For your event

  • Gather a group of friends for an evening of meditation and song in your home.
  • Begin and/or end a birthday or wedding celebration with meditation and song.
  • Create a "Blessing Way" for a baby or bridal shower.
  • Customize a stress-relief program at your office.
  • Set the mood and focus for your next meeting or conference.

There are many ways of meditating-- silently or singing, sitting still or moving-- the possibilities are endless. Meditation is a powerful tool that can be used in many ordinary situations to create an extraordinary atmosphere.  Call Dahlia to talk about your idea.

Art of the Matter


Haiku is an elegant form of Japanese poetry that allows for getting to the heart of the matter in just seventeen syllables. Dahlia will teach a fun and simple approach to haiku and to watercolor collage that requires no artistic "talent" or experience, only the urge to create. Combining these art forms results in a revealing expression of yourself.

Location, date and cost to be arranged for group


(845) 863-4061

Simple Meditation Series

First session - Relaxing Deeply/Breathing Calm

Second session - Opening Your Heart/Breathing Love

Third session - Quieting Your Mind/Breathing Awareness

Fouth session - Cultivating Contentment/Breathing Peace

Location, date and cost to be arranged.
Can be taught as a monthly or weekly series, or as a weekend workshop. 

Each class will include breathing and movement exercises, guided meditation and discussion of the day's topic. Dahlia will not teach a specific meditation technique, but, rather, Dahlia will assist participants in developing simple, practical meditation for dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

* Class size is limited * Pre-registration is required *

(845) 863-4061


Developed in ancient China, the fluid, repetitive motions and deep breathing of Qigong help to improve overall health, prevent dis-ease, and strengthen the body and mind. The rhythmic movement stimulates the acupuncture organ meridians thereby bringing the immune, endocrine and nervous systems into balance.
People of any age, shape or size can benefit from the regular practice of this movement meditation.
Come join us.

$10.00 per class