Music and Voice Recordings

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1.  Introduction - 7:14
2.  Relaxing Deeply- 33:01
3.  Just Rest- 5:16
4.  Breathing Calm- 15:48

Total Time: 61:27

compilation of individual recordings



Guided Meditation with Dahlia Bartz Cabe
Volume One:   Relaxing Deeply, Breathing Calm

Dahlia has spent more than twenty years teaching others to listen to the inner stillness. This CD is her way of offering what she knows and practices— loving awareness and acceptance through conscious breathing and being.

Accompanied by the soothing sound of a mountain stream, she gently reminds us that we are all deeply connected to each other, to the earth, and to the Source of all life.

Each track is designed as a meditation of its own to give the listener several possibilities depending on time and need.

These meditations are beneficial for:

  • reducing chronic pain

  • relieving the symptoms of PTSD

  • overcoming fear

  • alleviating stress

  • meeting the challenges of daily life


Future Releases:  

Volume 2:  Releasing and Receiving, Breathing Love

Volume 3:  Cultivating Contentment, Breathing Peace