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  • Vitality Yoga Flow 271 Main Street, Unit 23, New Paltz, NY 12561 New Paltz, NY 12561 USA (map)

4 Chants:

  • Let it be /Manorah - English & Hebrew
  • Estafura Allah- Arabic & English 
  • I am the Light of my Soul - English
  • Gayatri Mantra - Sanskrit

- Optional 2 oz. raw organic, cacao elixir served. Bring your own cup. $20

4 Violet Alchemy® Empowerments- transmissions of divine light frequency & shakti

*Music Heals and uplifts the Soul allowing Spirit to come in and take up residence. 
Sacred Songs and mantras allows Us to enter into a resonant state of being, through the power of experiencing our own voice and vibration, instilling a deeper connection to our Spiritual Self.

*Each Ceremony is designed by the Family of Light to support all who are gathered to receive the highest dispensations of Empowered Love, Light and Support to be able to navigate during these times of accelerated Change.

*Invocation to the Ancestors, Ancient Ones, Enlightened Masters/Mothers and Archangels for the purpose of personal and planetary evolution. Prayers and Songs create a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky~

*The Violet Alchemy® Empowerments are divine gifts from the Archangels and Enlightened Masters of higher light frequencies to support the Expansion of our Bodies of Light. 


Dahlia Bartz Cabe- Guitar,   Molly McCarthy Tweedy- Frame Drum, Ama'zjhi Dona Ho- Crystal bowls and shaker.

Together we weave songs of Love, Peace and Empowerment through 3 part harmony, inviting all participants to join.

" Ama’zjhi, Dahlia and Molly join in Trinity to bring their medicine and musicianship to create the alchemical Space allowing each one to receive the highest blessings for their Being." 

Dahlia Bartz Cabe- As a seasoned Meditation Counselor and Singer & Songwriter, Dahlia has grown her monthly OM Chants and monthly dances as a facilitator of "Dances of Universal Peace" supporting our community with loving kindness. Dahlia has written many chants to uplift the spirit and engages each one with her Grace to experience the Oneness within. She is dedicated to her private Counseling Practice and has joyfully served so many for decades. Her Musicianship continues to expand and grow thru her committed devotional path to Spirit.

Molly McCarthy Tweedy- LCSW,CASAC, DONA-Certified Doula, JourneyDance™ Guide, Violet Alchemy® Trainee, Singer, songwriter, framedrummer and ordained minister. She is passionate about assisting others through their journey to heal, and has offered an array of therapeutic modalities to her counseling practice for nearly 20 years. Molly enjoys utilizing her creative vision and collaborating with other artists to inspire collective consciousness and is a passionate advocate for Young Living Essential Oils.

Amazjhi Dona Ho- received the initiation and blessings to hold these Ceremonies through direct visitation from Grandmother Cacao of the Sacred Hoop who holds this Medicine.  As a New Earth Celestial Sound Shaman, Creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing, Purification & Empowerments & Sacred Mystery School, She has 30 years of receiving Initiations and activations, dedicated to the Spiritual Path of Ascension, empowering many along the way thru private sessions, workshops, retreats, Mystery school series, JourneyDance™ Guide, Mentor of the Divine University, High Priestess and Channel for the Enlightened Masters and Archangels thru teachings, and Light Language Transmissions of Shakti & Divine Light.    for more info contact 845-527-7564 

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