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Sacred Song and Sound Healing

  • Living Seed 521 Main Street New Paltz, NY 12561 (map)

Dahlia with Ama'zjhi Dona Ho and Molly McCarthy Tweedy

I love this creative collaboration with Molly and Ama’zjhi Dona. We think of our music together as whisperings of the heart, the hum of the divine coming through us.

When we make music it is playful, deep and easy.  We sing and explore—finding melodies, harmonies, rhythm and rhyme to share; weaving our voices, our caring and our wisdom.

Ama’zjhi is a powerful conduit of the feminine Divine. She channels her transmissions of embodied love with integrity and attentiveness. Her voice cries out for all of us to Come, to Be, to Love.

Molly puts her wild passion and playful joy into poetry and song that expresses our mutual longing for meaning and conscious action. Her haunting voice calls to the soulful core of our shared heart.

I find the harmonies that connect us and I hold the core that gives our music wings. These women inspire my creative desire to compose sacred song that draws us all more deeply into spiritual wonder and into communion with the Beloved One.

We are each of us, all of us, divine channels of love, light and blessing— together we create the chalice that holds the sacred space for our ceremony.

We invite you to bring your unique voice and presence to this welcoming and empowering collaboration of Love, Grace and Song. 

$15 admission; pre-registration is recommended as space is limited.

Call or email Dahlia to save your spot! 845-863-4061   DAHLIA@DRAGONFLY-MOON.COM