Nuran Allah Nur ~ Light Upon Light



Nuran Allah Nur
Moonlight merging with sunrise
Light reflecting Light

 - Dahlia's morning Haiku

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On a fairly regular basis, I designate and then devote myself to a 40 day meditation practice. I find that this kind of framework gives me renewed focus and deepens my meditation. It gives me an opportunity to reexamine my emotional, mental and physical process and to adjust my meditation so that it is most appropriate and fruitful for my current circumstances. Often, I coordinate these 40 day practices to the seasonal changes or to a celestial event.  Since spring is such a good time of year to start something new, something fresh, something with promise, on the spring equinox I began a new practice.

I have been dealing with chronic pain, exhaustion and a low WBC for some years. Recently I was told by a trusted medical intuitive that I have a chronic viral infection in my spleen, that it is causing an autoimmune condition and creating inflammation in my joints. As I look at what I can do to rid myself of this virus, I can think of no better way than to burn it out with Light, my Light, the Light of Being. What better time of year to work with an invocation about increasing light, now as the light is increasing toward the summer solstice.

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      I learned this prayer or salat from my Sufi friend, Karuna. It’s in Arabic:  Allahu nurus samu wadi wal ardth—Allah (the One Being in All) is the light of the heavens and of the earth. Another way to say this is, “As in light, so in all forms…” This is what I want to bring into my body consciousness, into my cells. This form, this body is Light. There is no room for disease here. This body is a manifestation of the One. There is no room for disease here. This body is God.

Today is my 40th day of doing this practice. Every morning I awake and the first thing I do is chant this salat as I count on my mala of 108 clear, glass beads: one bead for each repetition of the word Nur, each repetition of Light. Allahu nurus samu wadi wal ardth~ I sing light into my cells. I sing light into each organ. I sing light into my blood, my bones and my nerves.  As in Light, so in all forms~ I bring light into each chakra; I bring light forth from each chakra. I feel myself tingle and soften as I let the light permeate my body. Nuran allah Nur, Light upon Light~ I purify my body with Light—cleansing, clearing, healing. I burn away all disease—the virus of despair, the illness of doubt. I feel the pain and exhaustion melting away.

With this sacred song, I affirm the reality I want to know: As in light, so in all forms. Yes, even this form, especially this form, especially this precious body. And so, I am beginning each day bathed in Light. Indeed, I begin each day a little bit more enlightened. Nuran Allah Nur—Grant me Light upon Light.